Serving the community for over 30 years

Our Mission

Ahlers Meals is a meal delivery organization based in Vandalia, Ohio that’s been serving local communities since 1987. With the goal of minimizing food insecurity, we cater to clients throughout southwestern Ohio, including greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton, and the Lima region. At Ahlers Meals, our mission is to promote the health and independence of aging and disabled populations by delivering nutritious and fulfilling meals directly to their homes.

Meals You Choose, Delivered To Your Door

We are proud to offer a wide variety of products and meal choices while maintaining top quality and nutrition. Our more than 200 options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, sides, snacks, and beverages. Every meal order is hand-packed by a trusted employee and delivered straight to your door in a thermal cooler bag by one of our reliable delivery drivers. All of Ahlers Meals’ menu items are reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian to ensure healthy and satisfying options.

We recognize that independence, health and happiness are important to our clients. That’s why our unique ordering process allows customers to choose each meal to match their unique tastes and dietary needs. Our clients can modify their orders  quickly by providing a new paper form to their delivery driver.

Please note: Order changes must be made one week in advance of your delivery date to allow for processing time. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Values

At Ahlers Meals, we’re more than just a delivery service — we are a values-driven community. Ahlers Meals is committed to:

  • Delivering outstanding service: The well-being of our customers is central to everything we do. Our employees assist by phone whenever needed, and deliver each meal with a smile.
  • Focusing on impact: We serve nearly one million meals in our community each year, and we’re still growing. We strive to get every detail right, but we’re always focused on the big picture.
  • Investing in our community: We continually strive to serve our aging and disabled populations to the best of our abilities, but we don’t stop there. Ahlers Meals also offers a pet meal program, and we donate unused products to St. Vincent de Paul homeless shelter.
  • Practicing mutual respect: We know that we’re stronger together. Ahlers Meals strives to create a culture of respect among all of our employees, customers, and agency partners.
  • Serving with compassion: We realize that it can be difficult to make the shift from cooking for yourself to getting your meals delivered. We’re here to help you, and your family, navigate through the transition together.
  • Working as a team: The Ahlers Meals staff is made up of amazing individuals, but we only reach our goals through teamwork. Our leaders are invested in the long-term success of each team member.

Every day, Ahlers Meals serves our customers with the same integrity and trust that our organization was founded upon in the beginning.

Reach Out To Ahlers Meals

If you or a loved one needs meal delivery services, consider Ahlers Meals. Our friendly, committed staff is available to answer any questions you may have about meal assistance in southwestern Ohio, including greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton, and the Lima region. Contact us today to learn more about our program.