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Ahlers Angels Feeds Pets in Need in Southwestern Ohio

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At Ahlers Meals, we recognize that cats and dogs are not just pets but members of your family. However, it can be hard to provide food for your furry friend if you already struggle to obtain meals for yourself. We eliminate this concern through the Ahlers Angels service, which provides free pet food to enrolled members throughout southwestern Ohio, including greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton, and the Lima region.

We Offer Meal Assistance for Your Beloved Pet

All pet parents understand how important good nutrition is to their animal’s health. We offer complimentary pet food with your orders through the Ahlers Angels program to ensure your cat or dog is well-fed and full of energy. These meals are grain-free to increase your furry companion’s longevity, which enables them to provide you comfort and joy for many years.

To obtain free pet meals, mention that you have a dog or cat to our intake specialist during your onboarding meeting. After they sign you up for the program, you will receive pet food approximately bi-monthly with your regularly scheduled home meal deliveries.

We Serve Elderly and Disabled Individuals

We cater to the specific needs of aging and disabled populations in Dayton and the surrounding area. If you are not currently enrolled in our home meal delivery program, you may qualify for support from the government or your health insurance company. We also extend a private pay option to those not eligible for government funding, making our program more inclusive across the region.

Once you establish your eligibility for our program, you must complete onboarding tasks to attain your first order. This efficient process includes the following steps:

  1. Go over your meal and delivery options with our Consumer Intake Specialist.
  2. Receive your food from one of our drivers on your specified delivery day and give them any paperwork you have.
  3. Confirm you have obtained your delivery with a signature and ask the driver any questions.
  4. Store your meals according to the instructions on each package for freshness until you eat them.

Why Trust Ahlers Meals?

At Ahlers Meals, we believe quality and choice are crucial to providing nutritious meals. Our extensive menu has more than 200 options to ensure you are covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. We partner with well-known brand names to make your selection process convenient, and we offer several sugar-free, low-sodium, and vegetarian choices for individuals with dietary restrictions. We became a trusted organization in the community due to our focus on customer independence, exceptional service, and top-quality meals. These traits have allowed us to deliver millions of meals to elderly and disabled individuals throughout the area.

Secure Free Pet Food Today

Our goal is to mitigate food insecurity among aging and disabled individuals, and this concern extends to pets. The Ahlers Angels program enables us to deliver free pet food to enrolled customers in southwestern Ohio, including greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton, and the Lima region. These pet meals ensure your cat or dog is just as well-fed and healthy as you are. Contact us today to discover more about our home food delivery services.