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  • Complete Meal = Meal + Beverage** + Meal Side*
    Example: A 14-Meal Order would consist of: 14 Meals, 14 Beverages and 14 Sides
    **Some Beverages are Multiple Servings — Check Menu before listing quantities below
    *You Can Receive 2 Additional Sides — we recommend fresh fruit
    *1 Item per Meal — limit one per Meal
    Bread Item = 1 Loaf of Sliced White or Wheat Bread with Meal quantity up to 20, 21 meals or more 2 loaves
    **Yogurt Item = For Every Multiple of 7 Meals you can select up to two as side items
  • Turkey Meals

  • Chicken Meals

  • Beef Meals

  • Pork Meals

  • Seafood Meals

  • Meatless Meals

  • Shelf Meals

  • No Refrigeration Required
    Includes Applesauce, Raisins, Canned Fruit
  • Breakfast Meals

  • Hot Breakfast Cereals

  • Burritos

  • Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Hot Sandwiches

  • Cold Sandwiches

  • Bread Item

  • Beverage Items

  • Meal Side Items

  • Sugar Free Items