Founded in 1987, Mary Ann Ahlers had a passion for helping the aging community in the Southwestern Ohio area obtain meals that were not only tasty but healthy as well. She fostered that passion through the creation of Ahlers Meals, a company that’s dedicated to making delicious, nutritious foods more accessible to people who need them. With a focus on quality, service, and the independence to choose your own diet, Ahlers Meals continues to be a trusted and reliable home delivery meal assistance service that communities across Southwestern Ohio know and love.

How We Started

Our story begins in a little old diner, where Mary Ann Ahlers began cooking meals for just a few clients back in 1987. She saw a growing need for accessible and nutritious meal options for the aging population in her community, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, taking on more clients and bringing meals right to their homes. As the company grew, she knew she needed some help, recruiting her daughter, Robin, and her husband, Jim Harvey, to assist with the meal process and keep up with the demand.

Since then, Ahlers Meals has grown to provide millions of home-delivered meals to not only the aging community but also to disabled individuals all over Southwestern Ohio. We have also had the opportunity to partner with big-name brands that our clients are familiar with, so they can experience the same delicious taste as a classic, home-cooked meal. With the same passion for helping clients maintain their health, livelihood, and independence, Ahlers Meals has been a dependable and loyal resource for over 30 years.

The Future of Ahlers Meals

After three generations of family members, the Ahlers were looking to settle down and focus on their growing family. They retired in 2019, leaving their company in the hands of Mike and Lisa Burke. The Burkes have been dedicated to the growing success of Ahlers Meals, with an emphasis on maintaining the vision that Mary Ann Ahlers began the company with.

Ahlers Meals hopes to expand to more areas in Ohio in the future, giving communities, families, and individuals the opportunity to have better access to healthy and nutritious meals. Mike and Lisa Burke also aim to uphold Mary Ann Ahlers’ original goal, which is to remain a trusted resource for the elderly and disabled communities through high-quality service and the independence to choose food that’s right for them.

Helping the Southwestern Ohio Community

Ahlers Meals helps elderly and disabled communities in the Dayton and Cincinnati, OH areas, as well as the Lima region, get easy access to healthy foods. With over 200 meal options to choose from, we are dedicated to providing our clients with friendly and caring service, as well as the freedom that comes with being able take control of your diet. If you are over the age of 65 and living in these areas, you could be eligible for our home delivery meal assistance program. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Mary Ann Ahlers
Mary Ann Ahlers
Mike Burke and Mary Ann's granddaughter, Jamie, who helped run Ahlers Meals
Mike Burke and Mary Ann’s granddaughter, Jamie who helped run the company with her parents.